Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let's Not Get All Crazy Here, People

Even though I am and always will be a dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay Packers fan, still it's hard not to be happy for our Seattle Seahawks and their win in the Superbowl on Sunday. John and I attended a Superbowl party hosted by some serious Bronco fans. So did our rascally little herd of Holsteins.

I just couldn't stay up through the whole game so we left early. I watched the last quarter from the couch, and when the last second ticked off the game clock, we grinned as we heard celebratory fireworks going off in the neighborhood.

The next morning, the Seattle Times released this very funny (and on target) article that poked some good natured fun at the polite nature of the riots that broke out in Seattle after this their first Superbowl win:

.....Seattle’s general overall politeness (waiting for the crosswalk light to change while “rioting”?) has prompted the #HowSeattleRiots hashtag on Twitter....

My favorite:

You can read the Seattle Times article here; and read all of the #HowSeattleRiots tweets here. 

Yeah. We Pacific Northwesterners are awesome like that.

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Unknown said...

And this is why I want to move to the greater Seattle area and away from Washington DC! And that's just a sorta "lol"... Love the girlz as always.