Friday, January 17, 2014

Something is Missing

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I've been looking back and re-reading several posts from years past, and I have to say that over the last few months, It's evident that while I continue to be enthusiastic and dedicated to Reasonably Well, I just don't feel the presence of that quirky spark so characteristic in my earlier posts. Since my daily blurbs are an honest examination of my daily experiences, I can only deduce that my life isn't particularly quirky or ...... sparky ...... these days.

And I would guess that would be an accurate assessment of the state of things around here.

I"m not complaining, here, really. Because an absence of quirk or spark is actually OK. When my energy is low, I don't DO quirky and goodness knows creating a spark just takes too much energy. And there's no faking quirk or spark. Fake quirk simply makes me cranky.

One could describe the state of affairs as mundane or boring, I suppose, but I think calm and restful are equally accurate terms. I can live with calm and restful for awhile.

I wonder what BICJ is up to these days? Uh oh.


Kate S said...

You've been a horrible flare. There's no doubt in my mind, as a regular reader, that you are still doing your best to live "reasonably well", which is about attitude as much as everything else.

It will get better, BIJC will re-emerge, and spring will be good.

I always warn my family that when I lose my sense of humor, that's when they know that I feel sick. It's a natural part of being sick and in pain.

I admire your dedication to posting everyday, even though you haven't been feeling good. Thanks!

Gill said...

It is winter, it is post Christmas/New Year, everyone feels a bit flat at this time of year, add the health issues and I would say you are doing pretty well. Every day it is such an interesting read, you cope brilliantly - better than I could! I so look forward to each episode. Hopefully, the first spring flowers will bloom, energy levels swoop upwards, Pinkie will get a dust down and new outfit for Easter. And then into Goldie and off to give the Cannon a bit of excercise. My best wishes

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks, guys. I appreciate you all, I really do.

Eva said...

I'm a frequent reader. I have probably had Sjogren's for most of my adult life, but now that I am 73 years old and look healthy it is hard to explain to friends and family why I am so tired, in pain and must give up activities I once enjoyed. Your daily reports and sense of humor have kept me sane for the past several months. You and other bloggers are helping all of us to learn to live with "invisible illness".

Nicole said...

I read your blog all the time and always love it! You're so real, and you always bring a smile to my face, "blah" or not!

Annette said...

I think that BICJ needs a little chocolate and a comfy blanket. Make her a little nest and let her hibernate before she causes trouble in Paradise. That's my advice.

It's not easy to post every day. Twice a week seems hard and I am almost abdicating for tomorrow but I do want to show off my brilliant winter boots (to me they are - don't expect glamour)