Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pool Wildlife

Otter found on Wikimedia 

I was cautiously bobbing around in the Community Center pool yesterday. I'm pretty careful about the mechanics of my floating and bobbing because of my dumb stupid vertigo.

So I had found a little niche in a quiet part of the pool, water noodle under my armpits and looped around my back, and was slooowwwwwllllyyy stretching out my leg and arm muscles. Probably less than gracefully. I had just realized that I was able to lean back and float on my back without going all dizzy, when a goggled and swimming-capped kid popped up from the water just a foot or two from my face. Whoa.

"What are you DOING?" he asked.

I thought, Kid. I have no clue what I'm doing. I figured he couldn't have been more than four or five years old. What a cutie pie. He looked expectantly at me with the clear plastic straps of his goggles flapping.

After studying him for a few seconds I said, Are you an otter? since I had no intention of explaining my weirdo gyrations.

Without missing a beat, he chirped "No. I'm a dolphin!" and disappeared under the water again.

I have no idea where he went. This child was really good at swimming underwater.

As I was getting ready to leave the pool, dolphin kid was chattering away to his dad directly in my path to the pool steps. As I passed the pair, I said, Otter! in a stage whisper. I climbed the stairs grinning as I heard him giggling.

I can't wait to have grandkids.

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Julie said...

What a cute story! And sounds like a funny,sweet little guy!

I hear grandkids are THE best! Here's to maybe getting grandkids in our future, Julia! I also figure maybe my health might improve, by the time, I am blessed with grandkids. So far, all mine have fur or feathers.. as in granddoggies and grandbirds and oh, a grandrabbit! I guess it is good I can practice on them ,first!

Congrats on getting to the pool, even if bobbing along, but it's still courageous to even contemplate putting on a bathing suit, anytime of year ,let alone soon after the holidays. !