Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Sketchy

I think that all of the gingerbread, sugar cookies, and general holiday stuff swirling around my house constantly has addled my brain. Even more than it usually is.

Which makes it difficult for me to concentrate on anything except how many presents I have to wrap and how long I can hold out before making my favorite fudge recipe.



OK. I'm back.

What I'm trying very ineffectually to say here is that it just isn't possible for me to write a serious Sjogren's post today.

Not going to happen, people.

Instead, I've decided that it's high time that I updated that squiggly sketch of myself on the sidebar.

 I did this for two reasons: one -- I no longer have glasses (thank you cataract surgeon!), and two: my hair is finally changing from a bristly grey curly mop to a LONGER bristly grey kind-of-curly mop.

It was pretty easy to do. Here it is:

Yeah. I drew myself with cookie-chubby cheeks and looking pretty smug, because those cookies were dang good.