Sunday, December 1, 2013

Calvin and I

He's also a turkey-throwing champ. 

I have had a delightful little visitor at my house for the past few days. Two year old Calvin and his family came to visit over Thanksgiving. He had a grand old time running around with my great nephews, ages two and four, and thoroughly made himself at home in general.

I have never met anyone that enjoys frozen pancakes. Out of the box. And still frozen. But Calvin does. He trotted around with one in each hand for most of the afternoon yesterday, happy as a little clam.

Calvin's mom and dad and my kids decided to take in a movie yesterday afternoon, leaving Calvin and I to fend for ourselves. He was teary-eyed when his mom left. I scooped him up and hugged him.

Do you want to read a book?


Do you want to go outside?


Do you want your sippy cup?

NO. .::sniffle::.

Do you want to pet Lulu?


Awww. Do you want a nap?


I blinked in astonishment. Calvin? Do you really want a nap?


So we went upstairs and I put him down in his portable crib. He immediately put his little head down on his blanket and within seconds was asleep.

Amazing. I sat there on the carpet just watching that perfect little face, certain that he would pop up again and demand to go play. But he didn't.

Actually, he looked pretty comfy. I stretched out on the carpet and yawned. I thought it must be nice to be able to just drop off to sleep that easily......ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz......

.......And then it was three hours later. I jolted awake with carpet imprinted on my face and looked over at Calvin, who was laying quietly with bright blue eyes wide open. We both sat up and looked at each other.

Dinosaur! he said.

Sure enough. There was a dinosaur in his bed.

Hey, Calvin. Want to go downstairs?

YES! he said, and stretched out his little arms towards me.

Ahhhhh. Little kids. Such a gift.

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Laura said...

Awwww! Too cool. :)