Saturday, November 30, 2013

Falling With Grace: She's Down.....No, She's Up!

Read this from 'Falling With Grace' for a great metaphor on Sjogren's flares:

I'm down on the mat and Sjogren's has me in a choke hold. I'm waiting for the ref to call it. He'll grab Sjogren's hand, raise it high in the air and declare it the winner.

The plastic mat smells funny but I don't care. With my face smashed against the stinky hard mat, I will play dead until they bring over a stretcher or something.

I'm toast. Done. Surely someone will notice me all sprawled out on the mat, right?

No? Seriously? Continue reading here..

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mcspires said...

Oh Julia, this was so funny! Thanks for sharing it. I let the author know I loved it too!