Friday, November 1, 2013

Was it a Boo-tiful Day?

One of the charter members of the Good Point Dart Club was coerced volunteered to put together my haunted house puzzle. I've had it for at least twenty years. Everyone loves to look at it but HATES to put it together. 

Didja have fun on Halloween? We gathered the usual suspects (plus an extra here or there) and carved pumpkins, ate candy, and opened the door to a zillion adorable Trick-or-Treaters. I'm resting up from all the festivities today.

Have any stories or pictures to share? Send them to: I'll gather them up for a future post.

Hm. Too bad you can't send leftover Halloween candy via email.....

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Unknown said...

Julia, I LOVE the Haunted House! I also am resting up today from all the activity. I always enjoyed decorating with the children for the holidays. Any holiday! Now that one child and her small children have rejoined the household the FUN is on again. We all had better get some rest before the next round of holiday fun. Bless you and your family.