Thursday, October 31, 2013

Good Question

Awesome Kanga Ruby found here. You need one if you want any chance at all to beat that crazy competitor Bev. 

My recent crash and burn and acceptance post prompted lots of support and good thoughts (thanks much!) and also several good questions.

So I'm motivated to close my Bejeweled game temporarily and answer them to the best of my foggy ability. Oh, and Bev? Just because I'm taking a very brief hiatus from the game doesn't mean that I've given up. Not even close, woman......yeah. Bring your best Bejeweled game, girl. Bring it. I've got the Kanga Ruby goin' on. You're toast. Just sayin'.

There's something bizarrely rejuvenating about hanging out on my couch with my laptop balanced on my belly playing mindless facebook games during a flare. No matter how tired I am, when Bev challenges me to a DUEL I can't resist. I find the energy and focus somehow.

Do you know how much concentration just one game takes, Miss Bev? Hm? What's that? You don't care? You'll trounce me anyway??

Vicious. She's one vicious woman. Which is why I love her.

But I digress. What was I talking about now... Whew. Frenzied online combat muddles my thoughts.. Oh, righto. Questions. Think I'll take the easiest one first, this from Amy: Did you snap that picture Sunday?

Nope. I took the picture of our church's front steps last summer after they were scattered with rose petals. I think had I tried to take a picture on Sunday, it could not possibly have ended well.

LM says: I still haven't learned. Maybe one day I'll eventually come to that point. It seems to sneak up on me, even when I recognize the signals. Or perhaps I'm ignoring them hoping it will all go away?  

Trust me -- denial only makes the crash even harder. Tough concept to master. I still haven't got this one conquered yet, either.

New sjoggie Mirabella comments: Even though Sjogren's is common here in Finland too, it is very difficult to get information on how to cope with SS. I have now decided to follow your path, and have set up a bi-lingual blog (English and Finnish) in an effort to start collecting information and sharing my experiences in trying to come to terms with this diagnosis. I've added your blog address to my blog, hope that is ok:

Mirabella -- sure, it's ok. Welcome to our little sjoggie blogging world! We need all the Sjogren's blogs that we can get in hopes of increasing awareness of autoimmune disease worldwide. Keep on writing! BTW -- I visited Finland several years ago. Beautiful place.

And last but not least, Gill asks: Is this happening as you start to relax and unwind? This is one of the (thankfully) few symptoms I get. I have noticed that it happens as I stop/slow down rather than when in full flight. 

I think everyone experiences this in a unique way. For me, the symptoms of a crash begin early and unfold over time. If I were paying attention long before I got into the church sanctuary on Sunday, I should have known without a doubt that I was heading for trouble: my first clue should have been that my makeup was sliding off my face just as fast as I could slather it on. I should have given up the quest long before I even got into Goldie.... But like LM, it's hard for me to avoid denying that I've overstepped my boundaries.

So there you go. Time to return to a much more pressing quest: to obliterate my opponent. Yes, Bev. This means you.


LM said...

I'm 2 years into this, so it is a relief to hear that an experienced 'fighter' still doesn't have it mastered. Yet, we continue to be blessed with another day to try again :)

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed how you and your readers thoughts/feelings are so similar to my struggles with Diabetes. Your crash differs from my low blood sugar crash...but I feel like you and your readers. I hate to give up what I am doing to take care of it at the first signs. Especially in public, I do not want to acknowledge I'm different and need help. After 29 years, I do not have as many signs...but thank goodness for Bob who recognizes sometimes before I do. We are blessed Julie that we have Bob and John...good thing we moved to Stevens Point after college!! Kathy