Saturday, October 19, 2013

What Happened to Summer?

I about snorted milk out of my nose when I saw the "sell by" date on my milk carton this morning.

In all honesty, snorting various breakfast beverages isn't really an unusual event at my house. I'm easily startled before noon. 


Shouldn't it still be August? Where the heck was I during September and most of October?

I'm going back to bed. Wake me up before Halloween.


Sue said...

I know how you feel, it has been crazy busy in our household. Way too much going on. I hope November is boring and quiet but somehow I think I will be disappointed again.

annie said...

This year has been one of the fastest years ever. It seems as if we'ere going from holiday to holiday with no recollection of what's happening in between. Is time passing too quickly or aging and mental problems??

ShEiLa said...

Right there with you... In serious need of 'catch up' rest.

Laura said...

"Wake me up before Halloween." How many times can we wake you up before Halloween? I mean, there's a lot of days yet, and if you're sleep deprived you'll keep going back to sleep, and....

...wait, now I'm channeling my inner four-year-old. Why should I do that when I already have one about the house? LOL.

Where did all my prep time for things go?? O.o

Miki said...

Eggnog is already out for cryin' out loud! ;)