Friday, October 18, 2013

Correlation Does Not Equate Causation

Now that the government is back on-line, (actually, did anyone notice that it was gone? JK. I'll bet the folks that were furloughed are glad to be back at work) the NIH is putting out links to studies as fast as they can to catch up with their backload. Click on this list of recent studies related to autoimmune disease to dazzle your grey matter for yourself. 

I've been reading them as fast as my old eyeballs can go. But I can't say as my brain is absorbing this information as well as I would like, so I've decided that I need to just step back from this flood of data for a bit and let what I already have read sink in. Kind of.

Because I wouldn't want to draw incorrect conclusions from it all. As would appear to happen in this hysterically funny comic found on PhD Comics and shared by Kelly:

Um. I think I need to clarify for myself the distinction between correlation and causation. Check out this excellent explanation from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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