Sunday, September 8, 2013

Float that Knee

This one was my favorite. That's Puget Sound right outside the window. 

About midway through our last vacation, I realized that my normally cranky right knee was feeling much improved. I thought about that one evening as I was floating around all by myself in a lovely hotel pool.


It occurred to me that since every hotel that we had stayed in had a pool, and that I had found myself bobbing and floating in each one of them, that maybe.....

Gee. Could the gazillion articles written about the benefits of water exercise on arthritic joints be RIGHT? As the week continued and so did my bobbing, my knee continued to be relatively un-cranky.

I really need to get back to the community center pool. It won't have the same wonderful serene ambience as my quiet hotel pools (think blaring music and kids shrieking) but the opportunity to bob this old body around will be the same.


Annette said...

after 32 years with RA I have successfully avoided the hydrotherapy, though it is much recommended. Don't tell me that you are going to talk me into yet another healthy venture. Funny story - when I ordered the Starfish pants I saw bathing suits on sale and since I could not remember how many years it's been since I wore mine I ordered a fancy ruched slimming suit hahaha.
It sounded like it might be the whole body equivalent of control top panty hose but I can get it on and off.
So it might be all your fault if I find myself in a pool

Cindy Loomis-Torvi said...

I don't usually float around a pool but swim. It is my preferred exercise. We are in the process here of having our community center renovated, but once that is finished on Sept. 15, I am back in that pool! Along with a warm water pool and cooler Olympic sized meet pool with lap lanes, there is also a hot tub and steam room. I not only have a cranky knee, I have hip ankle problems on one side, elbows and a shoulder that saw too muchs sports participation once upon a time. I follow the proscribed warm/cool/hot/cold/hot/cold/warm cycle, which means warm pool, regular pool, hot tub, cold shower, steam room, cold shower and then a warm shower to finish. It seems to work for me, especially as we ramp up to winter here in the mountains.