Saturday, August 17, 2013

Settling Accounts

It never fails to amaze.

The dumb stupid fatigue from this disease, that is. I'm amazed at the ridiculously high price that it demands of me for what others consider simple everyday events; like taking a long weekend to visit family for example. This shouldn't be so surprising but still after all these years, I still marvel.

We left last Thursday and returned on Monday, during which time I propped up my energy levels with frequent rest and consistent use of Provigil. Love that Provigil, although each time that I rely on it's boost I have to keep reminding myself that the energy it seems to create is fake; and that I'll have to redouble my efforts to rest after it's use.

And how. The fee for getting through five days of family gatherings and travel seems exorbitantly high: a minimum of another five days of living a brainless, boring, sweating-at-the-smallest-activity existence.

Yesterday my doctor's appointment was the one reprieve from mandatory couch time. Today I'm still paying the price, although I think the extortion fee just dropped a little since I was able to push the vacuum around a few rooms of our house, which means that the worst is over and better days are ahead. Exciting, that. Vacuuming. Woo hoo.

Lulu doesn't mind my resting days one bit as long as I keep scratching her ears and belly.

"Put down the camera and resume the scratching. Stat." 

Lulu reminds me that things could be much worse: I could be reduced to the lot of a schnauzer who lives at the mercy of her owners' willingness to dole out belly rubs, walkies, and doggy treats. Ah, yes. Her life is really rough. She's right. 

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Tana said...

You said it perfectly. It just stinks that we have to pay the piper such a high price. Just spent the last week not moving out of my bed/chair while "settling accounts" and hoping I can pull out of it here in the next day or two. I didn't even do that much (whine, whine).

I sure appreciate your posts and sense of humor in the face of this depressing crap disease.