Friday, August 16, 2013

Does This Chair Come in Leather?

I hate having cranky feet. Having cranky feet makes for one very very cranky Julia.

So I went to see my podiatrist today. The medical assistant escorted me to the exam room and as the door opened, I looked at the exam chair with awe.

It was stupendous. My phone camera doesn't do this baby justice.

There should have been heavenly choirs singing or something as I settled myself in.

Have you ever SEEN one this cushy and comfy before? Ahhh. I told the assistant that he could reschedule my appointment for about two hours later. While I took a little nap. And he could bring me a mango margarita and a few chips on his way out. K. Thnks. Bye!

He laughed and shook his head. The margarita and snacks didn't arrive and the dr. showed up right on time. Drat.

Turns out I have very boring run of the mill old lady feet complete with bunion, a hammer toe, and as my family doctor had suspected, metatarsalgia.

Which also means that I will have to head over to get some custom shoe inserts made.

Bunions? AND cataracts?

I feel old.


Unknown said...

Yes !!! I saw many leather chairs. They are very comfortable. But it needs safety from sharp things.

Aaron |
Mobile Massage

Jan said...

It stinks doesn't it Julia? It's like it never ends. Always something new... it sucks to get old (and/or have Sjogren's, and everything else).

I had the cataract surgery about 8 years ago.... don't have the bunions yet though :-)

Hope you feel better soon!!

ShEiLa said...

This resembles my foot doc's chair... Amazing eh?

Every time I read your posts I am reminded just how much we have in common.