Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eye See

Image found on Alcon Surgical site here

Yesterday, John sent me this text: Hey, Babe. Where are you?

I sent him this reply: Talking surgery with my eye doctor.

Sigh. Yes. It's true. My cataracts just four months ago were described as "just small ones. They were caused by you being on prednisone for such a long time."

Yesterday they were described as "Hm. They've grown considerably. And so FAST. We need to schedule surgery."

Of course, lots of conversation followed the last quote. I'm still surprised. Apparently, so is Dr. M. But she also told me that while cataract surgery is not without risk, it's also a very good option for a solution to my vision issues.

I've noticed that the vision in my eyes even with my huge thick glasses has been deteriorating this summer. I had a hard time describing it to my doctor because vision just seems weird. My eyes just don't seem to match and everything near and far seems to be a bit distorted.

No. I have not been drinking too many mango margaritas, people. Tsk.

So it seems that in October or November, I'll be having surgery and if successful -- will have much clearer vision AND the new lenses inserted into these cranky old eyes will actually improve my distance vision considerably. I'll still need glasses but woo hoo! Maybe I can get a pair that doesn't look like Mr. Magoo's.

You can read more about my lovely posterior subcapsular cataracts and prednisone here.


Kate s said...

My spouse had it done, and he loves his new distance vision. Still has reading glasses.

annie said...

Gee, it never ends. Sorry you have something else on your plate, Julia, but I've heard of good results with the surgery.

Lisa said...

In the grand scheme of things ... it could be worse. Or to quote my eye surgeon: "if you have to undergo surgery this is the one to choose" I had cataracts removed/lens implants performed on both eyes at the age of 45. They developed very quickly - within months - and were non-age related. Located on the back of the eye. In retrospect I have to wonder if there was an autoimmune connection. Occurred about the same time that my 30 year run as a contact lens wearer came to an abrupt halt because of lack of tear flow. My script was improved by 2/3rds from a coke bottle 11+ diopter to less than 3
Couldn't correct the astigmatism but I'll live with it! The inconvenient part of the whole surgery is that they don't do both eyes at once so you spend a couple of weeks seeing quite well out of the new surgically enhanced eye ... and still can't see worth a crap out of the other eye. I can't tell you how many corners I collided with! So ... to make a short explanation long ... you'll do just fine and the results will be amazing. And take note .... this glowing surgical recommendation comes from the worst medical phobic you will ever encounter ....

SLCCOM said...

I enjoyed that phase with just one done. In one eye, the wallpaper was beige. In the other eye, it was white.

Both of mine went at once, and so I never noticed a change in color. I sure did find a change in acuity, though! Ugh. I actually enjoyed my cataract surgery, since I was nice and relaxed, chatting with a fellow musician who was the OR tech, and then going out to a favorite fast food place for breakfast afterwards. With the second surgery, I did ask for a bit more relaxation at one point. Since I used to have monovision contacts, my mind focused on the one that was done and I really enjoyed great visual acuity for a while.

I had no issues with additional dryness. However, my capsules did develop cataracts quite quickly, and a year later I had to have them lasered. That was fun, too. I barely had time to finish sitting down before he was done with them.

Now I find that my visual acuity is greatly dependent on how moist my eyes are.

Easiest surgeries I ever had!

Shara from Seattle said...

I had some eye issues as well. The doctors told me I had pre-glaucoma. I started smoking herb and I went back and they couldn't find any signs of it.

I don't need anymore damn surgeries.

stephanie said...

Oh no, Julia! One more thing. Don't you feel like it's time for you to catch a break? That's how I would feel. I am so sorry you've got something else to deal with. Best wishes and prayers sent your way.