Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Blogging Revelation

Yesterday someone in my twitter feed put up a link to this article written by Deborah Ng: I'm Over it: 10 Things No One Tells You About Blogging.

It was written by someone who had been blogging for fourteen years and for whom the endeavor had been lucrative, but also had created a somewhat jaded attitude. Here's a few of the items on her list and my really naive and somewhat dopey reactions but head over to her blog (entitled Kommein -- yes, she's still blogging) to read them all.
1. The chances of you becoming a blogging guru and making millions of dollars are slim to none.
2. Very few bloggers make more than a couple of hundred dollars a month on their blogs alone.

What? You can actually make money by blogging? I mean, more than the equivalent of a couple of Starbucks Grande Frappuccinos deposited into payPal every three months or so from BlogHer


The only reason I put advertising up on my blog is because the Blogging for Dummies book said that I should. The idea that blogging would be a vehicle for anything other than non-stop Julia blabbing was a revelation to me. 

3. Some blogging “experts” and “gurus” are not always the most reliable, down to earth people you think they are.

.:facepalm:. Duh. No kidding. EVERYBODY knows (or should know) that you don't believe everything that you read out there on the vast internets.

But then I wondered what persona I present to my blog readers. Hmmm. Well. I do have some medical education BUT I am also doofus, have a lousy sense of self discipline, become cranky at the drop of the hat, am the queen of annoyance by shoving my camera in front of anything and everyone, ridiculously overindulge my kids and pets, take far too much pleasure in reporting incidents that put my beloved husband and cherished friends in a less than favorable light, and...um...well, yeah. I'd say that's a pretty good self portrait.

If any of y'all are under the illusion that yours truly is anything other than the above, consider yourself corrected. I should also warn my readers that unless you really want to emulate those less-than-ideal behaviors, for heaven's sake don't even think about making me into a guru.

This written as I'm wearing plus sized capris, with uncombed hair, and slugging down a large glass of chocolate milk that I am considering calling lunch because I'm too lazy to get up and make myself a nutritious and healthy meal.

See? Exactly.


Sue said...

Hi Julia
Just a word of advice... if you're in a klutzy mood, never put a chocolate milk that close to your laptop. I did that with a French vanilla cappacino and accidently knocked it over on my laptop. Fortunately I managed to move my picture files to a portable hard drive before it croaked. Now it smells really bad when I turn it on and it doesn't work at all. On the upside though, I bought a better laptop. I just keep my drinks far away from my computer

Julia Oleinik said...

Sue -- I see that you know me pretty well. Klutzy? My middle name....

Vickie said...

Julia, your blog provides me some sanity in knowing I am not alone in the Sjogren's realm. I love your honesty and compassion, and I learn a lot from reading your blog. I consider you a friend because you are accessible. A guru sounds like someone on a pedestal, not standing next to you (even if it is next to you in cyberspace.)

annie said...

Julia,your blog was the first place I found information on sjogren's when I was first diagnosed and didn't know what the heck I had or even how to pronounce the name.

It's helped me navigate some pretty important stages of the disease and I'm still learning how to cope thanks to you and to your other readers. I love reading the comments as I learn so much on how others cope, and feel part of a small community where my symptoms are "normal"!.

My day starts by reading your post while having breakfast, sometimes I learn something and very often I'm left laughing, which gets my day off to a good start, so I thank you for that Julia.

Christina said...

I love your blog! I am newly diagnosed and still learning the ropes. Your blog helps me getvthrough some days. I love your honesty. I also find blogging is a way to get out whats on your mind. I can only hope my blog grows up to be honest, informative, and delightful to read. I also read your blog while Im getting ready for work.

Nicole said...

Julia, you make me laugh, and that's better than a couple of grande lattes! ;)

Angana said...

Julia, one of the reasons I tune in to your blog everyday is that its like a very fun and friendly reality show. I love reading about your adventures with your family, friends and pets, and what whacky thing happened while you were brain-foggy! Plus, I never know whether I'll learn something new, find some much-needed empathy, or just have a joyful moment.

No matter what you dish up, it is stimulating and nurturing.