Friday, July 19, 2013



Guys. My brain just exploded.

Did you ever see something that was so cute you thought you would just dissolve into puddle of sugary goo?

Of course you have.

My friend Bev (of Cluckingham Palace and chicken fame) bought a Chihuahua mix puppy and she is The. Most. Adorable. Puppy. EVAR.

Check out Teddy the puppy chewing my shoes while I attempt to collect myself.

My goodness.

Oh, no...... I just looked again! Squeeee!!


stephanie said...

Oh how totally cute is that? Last August we got 2 rescue chihuahua mixes. The boy Chico was almost a year old. Xena was about 8, and no one wanted her cause she was too old. Losers. I've never had small dogs before. And they are THE funniest and sweetest dogs ever. Nice to see the video. Now I can get a general idea of what they might have looked like as puppies.

annie said...

Who wouldn't love such a sweet,precious little thing. If I didn't have two cats already, I would definitely be running to get myself a dog.

Anonymous said...