Thursday, July 18, 2013


Remember back when the creative duo Amy and Cole came up with the fabulous Nixie the water sprite to represent Sjogren's?

Are you ready for MORE creative fabulousness?

Of course you are.

I recently received an email from reader Susanne that contained this delightful mental image of rituximab, (the medication made from mouse proteins that removes a very specific B lymphocyte from the bloodstream. You can read more about rituximab and it's use in Sjogren's syndrome here.)

Susanne has taken the mousey element of this drug and given it a decidedly friendly face:

It's Stewart Little adventuring with his canoe, car, skis, bike, spelunking equipment, hand-glider, scuba gear, space suit, etc... with a burlap bag adventuring around picking up little CD-20 B-cells wherever he finds them.  They're gently put in his sack and, when his bag is full, the cells are taken to the infirmary where their wounds are treated.  I might change it to a messenger bag, but for now I'm sticking with burlap bag.  Of course each outfit/sport could require it's own sack...a mesh bag with a string for scuba, a backpack for hand-gliding.  This could be fun!

I'll say, Susanne! I LOVE Stewart Little! He would make an excellent rituximab spokesmouse. Keep us posted on his development. 

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Amy Junod said...

Awe! I love that imagery! That's the perfect plot to focus on while the little (tee hee) mousy magic is at work!
Can't wait to read more.