Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yoga Yeah!

I think it happened when I was attempting the eagle pose, found here. I didn't look like an eagle. More like a dodo bird. 

Guys. Guess what? I have a pain in my ...... um ..... tukus! And I'm happy about that! I can see that y'all are a bit mystified.

Righto. I'll clarify: I have pulled muscles as the result of EXERCISING. On purpose! And, I suppose I should further confess that actually I only have ONE pulled muscle in my general gluteus maximus area. That's right: only one half of my bum is feeling bum.

Too much information?

I've discovered a very, very low intensity exercise class at our community center pool. It's called "Aqua Yoga", it meets twice a week, and lasts for only thirty minutes. For someone who is so very energy limited and owning a very de-conditioned body, this is perfect. I can bob and lurk in the back corner of the pool while attempting the poses as I'm able.

And trust me. I'm really not able. Thank goodness for the side of the pool providing support so that I'm not toppling over face/head/backside first every time I get wobbly. It's not pretty folks, but for whatever reason, I must have been stretching at least half of my backside enough yesterday to earn a sore muscle. Singular. Next week I'll aim for two. After all, yoga is all about balance, I believe.

Woo hoo!

I may not even ice it. Or take ibuprofen. Maybe I should put a sticker on my butt that says: THIS LARGE OBJECT HAS BEEN EXERCISED! SO THERE!

I think I'd better lie down....don't want to over-do things.....


Kelly said...

Julia, once upon a time I could perform that pictured pose with ease, although I'm quite certain I never looked anything like that graceful and lovely model while doing it. I wonder if I still could...

Christine said...

I just started taking yoga classes at my gym last week and so far I like it. I am a bit jealous of your aqua yoga because that would certainly make yoga a lot easier for me!