Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Never Thought I'd Tag a Post With the Words Tragedy AND Rituximab AND Food

Yesterday, I was fussing with baking my staff treats for today's rituximab infusion. I was making mini Oreo cheesecakes, (Cheese? Mice? Get it? Get it? Of course you do) and was certain that I had either baked them too long, or not long enough; was wondering if I should have put more chocolate chips in the batter; and was mentally debating the merits of Cool Whip vs. real whipped cream for the dab on the top which will hold an artfully placed mini-Oreo. Or should I go with crushed Oreos? Or maybe chocolate jimmy's, hmmm....?  I was actually sweating, I was thinking so hard.

All seemingly very important things. Then my phone dinged with a news update from a local television channel: Bombings reported at Boston Marathon. One click on the television remote confirmed their news flash. I watched the shocking, gut wrenching sights and sounds of innocent victims fleeing the scene with horror.

As I sank down onto the couch in disbelief, once again I was struck with how fragile our lives are. These people were attending what should have been an amazing uplifting event. In  a few minutes, the event morphed from an inspirational display of human cooperation and healthy competition into chaos and horrific injury.

Why is it that I am seemingly always baking something when these terrible events occur?

Actually, why should these terrible events occur AT ALL?


cargillwitch said...

oddly I tend to bake to calm myself- perhaps years of seeing my mother, aunts, and grandmothers bake food to take to families experiencing deaths, health crisis, fires etc.As a former runner myself I really can't imagine what a betrayal of all marathons stand for this act must have felt like.
Can't have sugar and wheat myself but i just might be baking today...

annie said...

Baking for me is also a stress reliever and a joy, but yesterday's news was another shocker. It seems just as we get comfortable with life, something or someone gets to destroy the peace and tranquility and many lives. Hope they are caught for another senseless act committed on innocent people.

Shara from Seattle said...

Hey Babe, I was in an appointment with my counselor when my Associated Press app went off. Good place to be huh?

I saw the news and said " It's Here". She hates it when I bring the outside world into the office. So, I couldn't talk to her about it. As soon as I got out of there I headed home so I could see what happened.( Joanne's would have to wait another day) I was relieved actually. This could have been much worse. which leads me to believe that this was a home grown plan. The use of ball bearings was sort of lame from a more experienced bomber. Makes me think of musket balls. Think about it...Do you really think that with the police presence there that 5 or 6 dark skinned middle eastern men could walk around with matching back packs and not be noticed? I think they are white guys and all of them are carrying NRA cards. I said " It's Here" because it isn't a surprise that we are going to see more of this right here in the USA like we are seeing revolts and attacks going on in the U.K. across the pond. America, welcome to the beginning of the end of our cozy American way of life. This wasn't the first bombs found lately. We will probably see more real soon. Just like the school shootings. Stay away from large gatherings.
My immediate concern should be that I am having an allergic reaction to my Abilify.

Shara from Seattle said...

And yesterday I bought a crap load of tasty brownies from the pot store. I cried in therapy, I spent 2 hours getting my pre glaucoma checked. I'm happy to report that it has disappeared and my eyes are cleared up. On top of the marathon. And I hadn't eaten anything.

I'll be in my bathrobe today because I'm wore out. I'm also having an allergic reaction to my Abilify.

I forgot to add that I know some marathon runners ( the next door neighbor, my attorney) and now, I have to track them down and see if they stayed home or not.

Thanks for giving me an outlet!

Anonymous said...

It is horribly upsetting to hear of more tragedy and suffering. I do believe that baking is a comforting acitivity, with a comforting and yummy result. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to give the baked goods, as a tiny offering of love and concern, to those who have been directly affected by the bombings? The gift would come from the heart and hands of someone who took the time and effort out of their busy life, to share their concern in this form. It sounds trivial but that is what I think about baking, in times of tragedies.

On the lighter side, it is only fitting you are making CHEESEcakes, for the staff that is giving you your mousey infusion. But PS: please inform the staff not to spread the word, because I have yet to make anything for my mousey infusionists, and I don't want them to get jealous! Maybe I can take something in June, for my next time. Cheezits? Cheese tray? Cheese and wine? oops, no, wine might not be the best, when administering important, big gun medicines. Cheesecake sounds best, to this mouse, at least. lol