Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Piece of (Cheese) Cake

It's nice that the rituximab infusions are beginning to feel routine. Yesterday, I hopped into the bed in the infusion center and was halfway asleep even before the IV pump was started. I think it's a conditioned response -- the pre-rituximab IV benadryl zonks me out in seconds. Actually I was zonked even before it was administered.

My nurse for this go-around was also the charge nurse for the unit. Here's how the mousey treat handoff went:

Me: I made CHEESE cakes for you guys, get it? CHEESE? Lemon drop cheesecakes and Oreo ones.

Kathy: Ha! That's great! Ooooo. Yummy!

(The staff has quickly abandoned making token protests about not having to bring them stuff. Now they expectantly meet me at the door, wondering what goodies I brought in.)

She scurried out of the room, mini cheesecakes in hand. Later she informed me that she hid them in the back of the staff refrigerator.

Me: Hid them? Why?

Kathy: Because I'm having a staff meeting here tomorrow and I'm going to give them out as treats then. Win!

HEE.  Good thing I also thought to bring along the leftover decorations: lemon drops and mini-oreos. She didn't hide those. On the few occasions that I was awake in the hours that followed, I smiled whenever I saw staff walking past my door munching cookies or sucking on a candy.

Where was I going with this.....oh, righto. I was saying how that it's nice to feel as though I'm in a comfortable routine. I hope that my response to this drug continues to be as predictable.

I'll keep y'all posted.


annie said...

It doesn't take much to make people happy, and bringing home baked goods is something that is always really appreciated by hospital staff, especially knowing it's made by someone who has little energy to spare and made especially for them.

P.S. were you a baker in another life? these look awesome!

Unknown said...

Cool! Please be our spokesperson to the medical world for Rituxin! I hope we get enough info that more doctors are comfortable with being able to use it, and of course therefore more of us can reap the benefits!

Anonymous said...

Please post your mini cheesecake recipe!

Anonymous said...

Please post your mini cheesecake recipe!