Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Discuss this....

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Remember awhile back when I asked this:

  • Do you consider yourself an ePatient? (Patients who are educated, empowered, equipped, and engaged in their care)
  • If you were given an opportunity to help educate health care providers on this topic, what would YOU want your future nurses and doctors to know?

The responses that I received were terrific, and today I will actually be able to pass your suggestions and comments on as I participate in a panel that is addressing a student nurse convention. Our topic is: The ePatient. 

You have made yourself very clear: today's patients have enormous resources at their fingertips to learn more about their bodies and diseases and medications, and they're using them. Gone are the days of the passive patient meekly allowing others to make health care decisions without their direct participation and input. 

Thank you for making my role in this panel discussion much easier: I am armed with your invaluable insights and am looking forward to hearing what these bright young people have to say. 

I'll tell you all about it in a few days. Think non-stuttering, no-brain-fog thoughts for me, OK? 

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