Monday, March 11, 2013

A Therapeutic Ocean

I've written about this before, but it's true: I always, but ALWAYS feel better when I'm standing at the edge of the ocean.

If I'm feeling great -- with my toes in the sand, I feel
even better. If I'm feeling lousy -- after a few lung-filling breaths of sea air, my breathing is more improved than if I had taken a few hits from my inhaler.

I breathe better. I am calmer. I am more patient, more introspective, and more mellow.

I think that breathing all that wonderful refreshing salty air rejuvenates my lungs, and the rhythmic pounding of the surf lulls me into some kind of new-and-improved-Julia state.

Ahhh. Better than any pharmaceutical ever concocted.

We had the place almost all to ourselves. I was amazed.  

 A sand work of art by an anonymous artist. 

What a great find! I left it there for someone else to discover.  

 After Mass, we walked right down the front steps and onto the beach. Inside and outside spirituality. How cool is that? 


Heda said...

Wow what a lovely day and how happy the dogs look! I love that regardless of health the happy days keep happening. And I agree that salt is the ultimate cure. Saline wash for sinuses is bliss in a neti pot. I once tried to tell my dr that I seriously needed to wash out my lungs with a saline solution and she nearly had a fit. Ah well. Do those salt lamps work or are they yet more new age jumbo jumbo?!! And now for the it a lower case L or a capital i? Who knows?

Amy Junod said...

Awe. Thanks for the pretty pic tour. I feel like I've been to the coast.
I too love the ocean. Such good perspective being where water and land meet.

Jenny said...