Monday, February 18, 2013

The Great Schnauzer Escape

Mags is the light grey one. Little stinker. 

Wanna hear a naughty dog story?

We had left the schnauzers in the capable hands of our neighbor Susan and her family for an overnighter as we were exploring eastern Oregon a few days ago. Maggie and Lulu regard Susan's home as their home-away-from-home and get along with their dog, Skippy, really well. We're so lucky that we have never had to take them to a dog kennel when we travel.

So Susan had let all three mutts out in their back yard while she was doing stuff in the house. When her son came home from school, he noticed that the gate to their yard was open.

Ruh roh!

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Lulu and Skippy were still in the yard..... but Maggie was nowhere in sight. Off went Susan and her son on a schnauzer search. Several hours later, she was found in another neighbor's yard and returned back to Susan, much to everyone's relief.

But then.

Susan and her hubby went out for dinner that evening, and after arriving back home, let the woogies out into the back yard AGAIN.

Ruh roh!!

Round two of the great Maggie escape. No one is certain how she managed it, but that little stinker was missing AGAIN. Twice in one day! And once again, Lulu and Skippy stayed put while Mags took herself for a walk. So the search party re-convened but this time was unsuccessful in locating the runaway pooch.

Poor Susan. She spent the rest of the evening prowling the neighborhood flashlight in hand, putting up "lost dog" posters, contacting the humane society, and as a last resort.......scouring the internet for local miniature schnauzer breeders because she was sure that she would have to buy us another puppy.


While all the activity was going on, Miss Mags had strolled into ANOTHER neighbor's garage, and curled up in a comfy doggie bed conveniently located there. She drifted off to sleep for the night as most of our neighbors were running around out on the street in a find-the-schnauzer panic.

Good grief.

The next morning, she was found in the garage by the very perplexed homeowner, who knew exactly who Maggie was and where she SHOULD have been instead of napping on their dog Coconut's bed. Tsk.

But all's well that ends well -- Mags is back where she belongs. For now. And seems very pleased with herself, rotten thing. We still don't know exactly how she got out -- and she's not telling.

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annie said...

Thank goodness you live in a neighborhood where all the neighbors know each other and she was safe. It sounds like a Nancy Drew novel...The Mystery of the Missing Dog"!