Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pictures are Lazy

I'm feeling kind of tuckered out today, so decided to take the blogging easy way out and put up more pictures of our recent drive-around instead of straining my brain to actually put a coherent paragraph or two together. These photos were taken in eastern Oregon. And, yes.....they're mostly all ROCKS. And MOUNTAINS. The usual subject matter for most of my photography. Well, except for this one for Terese:

Can you stand looking at more scenery? Here it comes:

See y'all tomorrow.


Anita Rowe Stafford said...

I love your scenery photos, but you don't strike me as being lazy, Julia. I find myself thinking the same way, though because of the slow down in the way I have to live. Because of the way we are accustomed to being, it feels like lazy when our bodies say 'take it easy'. Take care sweet friend.

Tricia said...

I love your photos! Keep 'em coming! They make my day!

Annette/Anetto said...

I would like Terese's picture myself. I have a very odd one of a kind clay item that cost 25 cents at a garage sale. If he were in scale he could sit with the frog.
He's called a quacker because he has a bill for a lower lip

Unknown said...

I love the scenery photos! You are lucky to be living near such beauty. I would agree with cannot be called lazy. I feel the same way as I've always been the supermom on the go but my husband always tells me that I have to listen to my body. So instead of lazy, let's call it "following our body's instructions". I start my first Rituxan treatment this morning so I'm hoping for less of those instructions in the following months!