Friday, February 1, 2013

I Heart This

I love NPR's Science Friday show. Yes, I'm an Ira Flatow groupie. Science Friday's website not only has interesting radio shows, podcasts, blog, and a book club for cryin' out loud, but also sends out really intriguing tweets on Twitter. I thought yesterday's tweet was especially interesting since today is February 1st -- and we all know that February is devoted to chocolate, er..... our hearts..... in celebration of Valentine's day.

In view of the recent study release that concluded this:

CONCLUSION: Myocardial function is disturbed and there is significant atrial electromechanical delay in patients with primary SS. This study is the first to show altered myocardial function and atrial electromechanical properties in primary SS.
learning more about heart electromechanical function via detailed animation is a very, very good thing for everyone -- including sjoggies.

So thanks to SciFri for tweeting the link to this AMAZING YouTube video of an animation of the human heart.


Gertie said...

That was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

annie said...

Where do you find all these interesting things for us to learn? Thank you.