Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hoodleehoo This

You know, today's post is of the type that I love writing most: first: completely silly. And secondly: one in which I pick on my best buddy Terese.

Not because she deserves it, but simply because she's THERE. It's my nature. Anyone that comes into my personal sphere of Julia-ness is fair game, I always say......

Today's pick-on-Terese topic?

Well. Terese has a really interesting vocabulary. I think that's one of the things the I really enjoy about her: she comes up with the darndest words to describe things. One word in particular that has been part of her colorful word repertoire is my favorite. I think she's used this one ever since we met about seventeen years ago. It's a goodie: hoodleehoo. \whoo-dill-ee-`hoo\ Definition: Who knows? She uses this word interchangeably for just about anything or anyone imaginable. As in:

"Well. That was the weirdest hoodleehoo I'VE ever seen."


"Greg! Get your hoodleehoo over here!"


"Just take this hoodleehoo and put it on that hoodleehoo. But be careful of the other hoodleehoo." This comment used in an incident at her house which involved a fallen fir tree, a four wheel truck, and a towing strap.

Yes. It really happened. Two women. One four-wheel truck. One towing strap. Logging. But I digress...

Ever since I heard the word hoodleehoo come out of this woman's mouth, I have had this niggling thought that I'd heard it before, but I couldn't remember where or when. Last week, as John and I and Greg and Terese were yakking, it occurred to me: of course! I KNEW that I've heard this before! Space Ghost Musical Bar-B-Que. Weirdest kids' CD that I have ever heard, which means that of course my children listened to it endlessly, especially when we were in the car. For miles and miles. And hours and hours and hours. And the last time that we took a family vacation together (when they were all in their TWENTIES) we listened to it for hours and hours and miles and miles. My goodness.

Yes. They're strange. And it's all my fault.

There's a delightful (?!) song entitled HOODLEEHOO -- track 21 on that darned thing -- and in the lyrics I discovered the actual meaning of this word: it's a DANCE.

What in the world is the Hoodleehoo?
Sit yourself down and we'll tell you
How to do the Hoodleehoo
[Space Ghost]
You pick your left foot up
Until you touch your nose
Put your rear on your rear
And wiggle your toes
Hop all around like a kangaroo
You're almost ready to Hoodleehoo
Grab some pickles and a pound of cheese
Get some burgers on mayonaise
Eat 'em all up
But don't forget to chew
Now you're doing the Hoodleehoo
So that's how you do the Hoodleehoo

Even though I don't play it unless someone forcibly twists my arm, I still drive around with this crazy CD in Goldie. You can buy your very own here, although I can't imagine why. Want to hear it? You DO?

C'mon everybody! Let's sing and dance along! Terese first! Mystery solved!

Not surprisingly, Hoodleehoo isn't my favorite track of this CD. Nope. My favorite is the classic "I Love Beans."

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