Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just Tell the Truth

Oh, dear. Judging from some of my comments from yesterday's post, I believe I may have given y'all the mistaken impression that it was me that actually made all those cookies, wrapped those gifts, decorated the Christmas tree, and posed Frodo the corgi under the tree.

Since it's Christmas and all, well, almost -- the advent wreath has only one more candle to light..... the spirit of the goodness of the season I have to confess.

Yes. All these pictures were indeed taken at my house. That is my Christmas tree and that is a table-full of yummy frosted and decorated cookies. I am responsible for all that good stuff.

But I didn't do it. Here's how I (and my houseful of family and guests) made it all happen:

Yes. My index finger is completely and totally exhausted this morning after all the pointing and delegating it did the other day. Like this:

Julia: I want y'all to make some cookies!

Julia: Decorate the tree. AND wrap up a zillion gifts -- which many of you have purchased -- and arrange them attractively under said tree. Frodo! Get your doggie hinder in here and look cute!

Julia: Hey! There's dishes to be done!

Julia: Don't forget the laundry. Get on it, people.

I suppose I should also post a picture of my big butt sitting on a kitchen stool directing traffic as well, but I'm SO NOT going to do that. My honesty does have it's limits.

I think I'm going to need to ice my finger. Oh, and maybe splint it. It's had a real workout.


Gill said...

Just seen on the news that the Queen didn't make the church service this morning citing a cold. Are you SURE that she wasn't over at your place helping to get the tree decorated? That corgi is a bit of a giveaway.

Julia Oleinik said...

Aw, shucks, Gill. Now EVERYBODY knows. The queen and I were trying to keep mum about her visit....

36 said...

You have a very cooperative bunch of elves at your place. Maybe when they're done cleaning, they can come over to my place and help out. All in the spirit of Christmas, of course. BTW, love your nail color, very Christmasy.

annie said...

My mind is elsewhere today. I should have put my name, not some random number, drats!