Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Busy Day

No time for blogging today. I'm preoccupied with things like these:


Heda said...

Goodness! All looks gorgeous even if a trifle OTT (from one reasonably exhausted sojgie to another). Merry Christmas to you and your family and many many thanks for a good blogging year that has been much appreciated. I love the mix of education and life that you put into your blog. I also take my hat off to you for the amount the effort, thought and care that goes into your regular posts. Brilliant really. Now I just have to pass to test the test to post this which ain't easy given my thick brain fog!

Gill said...

Amazing, gosh I'm envious. Tell me (pic 1), have you got the Queen visiting with you?

Amy Junod said...

I do love the star.

annie said...

I've been baking (along with my Mom and my sister) many small batches of different cookies to give to our doctors, nurses, and staff of the offices and the hospital where our family goes. We've made many gift bags, but this weekend is reserved for family baking.

You have a real Christmas picture post card with your lovely tree, tons of presents, and the cute corgi posing regally beneath it all. Happy baking.