Friday, November 9, 2012

Turkey Turnover

I just KNOW that y'all have been wondering with what Julia has replaced her Halloween black cat collection. I'm certain that that my kitchen windowsill decor has been front and foremost on everyone's mind.

Yes. I'm delusional. Humor me.

So. The black kitty cats were packed away, and replaced with.......

Turkeys. Of course. Lots of 'em. Not all of the turkeys this year ended up on my windowsill, however. There's one special little stuffie turkey guy and his pumpkin buddy that will play an especially important role in the Thanksgiving festivities this year.

Aren't they cuuuuuuttteee? And soft. Soft is important this year. 

Then there's another important turkey that won't make it to the windowsill, either.

Because he's a trophy. Yes. This is the infamous ugly-tin-turkey-superglued-to-a-chunk-of-wood-and-spray-painted trophy. It's the highly prized and fiercely competed for reward for winning our annual Turkey Trophy Competition, which has happened for the last several years after our Thanksgiving feast.

So the rules for the lucky winner of this trophy are these:
- your name and date is written on the bottom of the trophy
- you, as the winner, must conceptualize AND materialize the competition rules for the following year.

As you can see, John was the winner last year in this intense dart-throwing contest.

2010 winner Thomas concocted this amazing balloon turkey and dart event. Spectacular.  

Here John clutches his prestigious trophy. 

As the previous year's winner, I have to say that John hasn't been particularly motivated to come up with an idea for this year's contest. So I told him that I would do him a favor and devise one myself. He foolishly agreed, and this is what HE AGREED to do: Remember those soft plushies picture? The cute gobbler and pumpkin? They're instrumental in this year's game. The rules for this year are:

- John, as winner from last year AND who has been delinquent in his game-creating duties, will wear this strapped to his noggin:

He refused to pose for a picture with it properly in place. Tsk. 

- All competitors will attempt to throw the plushies THROUGH THE GOALPOST. While it is on John's head.
- The competitor that throws the most plushies through the uprights wins the trophy and will have his/her name inscribed on the bottom and will proudly display it wherever he/she chooses until the 2013 re-match.

We're still negotiating on fine-tuning the rules. John thinks that he will be allowed to duck and run while people are throwing things at him. I'm thinking that wouldn't really work. I'm sure y'all agree with me that it's important that he remains stationary and takes his plushie throwing like a man.

Wouldn't you agree?

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