Friday, August 3, 2012

Rep. Buerkle's House Bill 6218

Check this out from the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association's Facebook page:

"Groundbreaking News!!! Last week, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle's (R-NY) office introduced House Bill 6218 that would establish a Autoimmune Disease Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee. The bill would create an interdepartmental autoimmune disease coordinating committee. One of the committee's goals will be to develop a curriculum for health professionals. This means that patients won't have to go for years without an accurate diagnosis. Now we need your help!! Are you willing to visit your local rep's office in support of this bill? AARDA will arrange the appointment for you and supply you with supporting materials. We are depending on you to keep the appointment and eloquently speak about how this bill will work in favor of over 50 million people. If you are interested, please email with your name, zip code and autoimmune disease (if any) that has affected you or your family. Also, please include the available times that you are able to visit your home office. Thank you in advance. Info about the bill: "

Here's your chance to become an advocate for autoimmune education and awareness on a national level. I've contacted the AARDA. I'll keep you posted.

You may want to do the same.


Gill said...

Call me a cynic, but would all the highly paid consultants want such a wonderful thing to happen,too few appointments, or maybe in the States where health care insurers are involved it could be different. I only got diagnosed because I mentioned to a dermatologist that i had a pain in my big toe - that was 40 years after the start of a lot of odd symptoms.

Amy Junod said...

Noticed that there are many cosponsors from the North East. I'm thinkin' they need to hear from someone down here in Texas!