Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Love Paint

My mom and I are very different. She's a teensy weensy little petite lady, an excellent mathematician, and once pitched a no-hitter in a women's softball league.

Me? Not so much. In ANY of those things.

But there is one thing that we both share and that's a real appreciation for the wonderful things that a fresh coat of paint can do.

Case in point:

I have had a wicker rocking chair set for ever, and it has always lived on my front porch. I change out the cushions, and on occasion, slap a fresh coat of paint on the wicker to freshen it up. This year, my friends have asked to borrow the rockers for my daughter's upcoming wedding shower (more on that later), so examined the chairs critically the other day.

Wicker paint peeling. Cushions dusty and dirty.

An opportunity to PAINT!

After sanding and brushing the chairs, I brushed on a primer coat.

Look at that nifty spifty paint holder! It has a magnet near the top so that it holds your brush out of the paint. Oooo. $3.00 well spent at Home Depot.

Later, I dragged the chairs outside and gave them a final spray paint finish.

What an amazing transformation! I threw the cushions in the washer and dryer and tossed them onto the seats. Ahhh. They look brand spankin' new. Love it.

Maybe what I need to perk ME up is a new coat of paint. Wonder in what color of primer I would look best.....


Isabel said...

I know the feeling. People always comment that I look so good even if I am sick. I respond that the fact that I feel bad does not mean I should look bad.
The worse I feel the more effort I put into a nice outfit, coordinated accessories, hair done nicely and war paint. I love makeup...very natural...but it does the trick.
I am all for Paint!

Anita Rowe Stafford said...

Your furniture looks fresh and beautiful! I think I'll mosey down to the bathroom and slap on some make up . . .

ShEiLa said...

What a great time for a new coat of paint... now it's done and you won't need to worry for awhile.

I think 'sunshine yellow' would be a good primer color... esp. if it boosts the mood. I have found my chronic pain quite depressing lately and bright colors always make me feel better.