Friday, June 22, 2012

Sjoggie Nation

Map of paradise found here. Actually, I don't think California is an official part of the PNW but I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. 

I've noticed several comments from readers indicating that they are considering moving to the Pacific Northwest, and my response to that would be, Heck, yeah!

This side of the world needs more sjoggies. As a matter of fact, this state needs more sjoggies. And as another matter of fact......this world needs a sjoggie NATION.

How cool would that be?

Sjoggies unite! We could......we could.....well, we'd make darned sure that our state would have lots and lots of drinking water around. And lots and lots of bathrooms......hehe. Everyone would look cool wearing a hat because we ALL would be wearing a hat and be slick with sunscreen.

Anyone want to take a crack at deciding what our national anthem would be?

I would agree with the readers that voiced their opinion that this area is a great place to live; the moisture laden winters among many, many other reasons.


I feel obliged to elaborate just a bit on other aspects of life here in the Pacific Northwest in the spirit of the whole "truth in advertising" thing. I'd love to have y'all as neighbors but I would want you to know what you would be getting yourself into, should that happen...

I have a friend who moved here from Texas. She and her family moved here because of her husband's job relocation, and I have to say that she really, really dislikes the weather here. She just can't seem to tolerate the months and months of  rainy and cloudy weather that appears around October and ends somewhere in June/July. Of course she approves of our wonderful sunny summers, but those winters really affect her.

Which is why our doctors around here recommend that everyone take a vitamin D supplement. She's right: we see very little of the sun during wintertime.

But then....spring comes and brings with it every kind of bloom imaginable; followed by glorious crisp clear sunny summer days all the way through September.


So y'all have been forewarned. But I'd love to have more sjoggie neighbors! We could have our own sky's the limit!

I'd have to be president, of course.


Anita Rowe Stafford said...

'Julia for President', now that's a catchy slogan for a T-shirt!

Amy Junod said...

And Pinky will be our national symbol of course!

ShEiLa said...

This Sjoggie is already Vit D deficient... my daughter that lived in Portland for a year is too. I think it may be hereditary.

I have heard that some people just don't like the grey skies and rain... but I think it sounds dreamy.

My friend Tracy just moved her whole fam-damily from Mesquite, NV to Beaverton outside of Portland and they are in heaven. I want to live in heaven one day.


ps. as for our national anthem... I am still thinking??? Hmmmm.

Laura said...

I adore the rain - cool, comfortable, gentle...always so clean. We are now to the part of the year I struggle through, even here. (One of my friends once suggested, jokingly, that I move to Texas. Ooof. I don't think so!)

Miki said...

National anthem - "Raindrops keep falling on my head".........honestly, I love it out here in Seattle!