Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Disappointed

Yesterday, John had one remaining day of wedding-stuff vacation. The weather was amazing: blue skies and temps in the '70s. Since we had no remaining wedding stuff to do, we snagged the schnauzers and headed for the coast. Ahhh. What a great idea. What a great day.

We pointed Goldie towards Cape Disappointment, so named according to Wikipedia:
The cape was named on April 12, 1788 by British fur trader John Meares who was sailing south from Nootka in search of trade. After a storm, he turned his ship around just north of the Cape and therefore just missed the discovery of the Columbia River. Alternatively, the cape may have been named in Nov. 1805 by a member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, which had recently succeeded in reaching the Pacific, when he found no ships in the vicinity, according to the journal of the expedition as recited in the Ken Burns documentary.

Well. We have never been disappointed when we visit there, and yesterday was no exception.


Gill said...

Super pictures as usual. Your mention of Nootka reminded me that the ancestors of my favourite tree in my garden must be from your part of the world Cupressus nootkatensis pendula. Birds love it, the branches are like waterfalls where the birds stand hidden behind the foliage watching what's going on. During the winter a muntjac moved in underneath it, it just wandered out every now and again for a snack on fallen apples and fresh shoots (my bulbs!!!!).

ShEiLa said...

As always... not disappointed by your posts.

Oh my... there is so much of the Northwest I still have to see. Where has is been all my life? Where have I been? I seriously need my hubby to retire now... so we can move now.

I must be patient.

Thanks for the awesome photos!!!


Lisa said...

Now that I am done drooling - again-over your Oregon pix I have to thank you for posting them. As a nearly native Floridian, married to a native born we have talked frequently in recent years of moving to the NW. Kids are grown, business is sold .... & my increasing sensitivity to the FL heat and humidity all keep pointing us West. Your pictures and tales are one hey-hoo of a sales pitch!