Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Did It Happen?

Yes. Those are my feet. And those are NOT MY UNDERTHINGS. Confused? See my previous post.  

I've waited a few days until after my son's wedding to do an evaluation of my stamina through it all. I've waited because I wanted to take note of my response not only to the week preceding and the day of the wedding, but also to the days that followed.

Overall, I think I came through with flying colors.

The realization that I had not only survived, but thrived during this very busy and emotional time came when I complained that my feet hurt because I had been on them all day. ALL DAY of the rehearsal day, and ALL DAY of the wedding. I had been on my feet for two days straight, and those tootsies hurt.

Well, now. I can't recall the last time that my feet hurt simply because I had walked them around too much. YESSSSS.

I loved that pain. I relished every wince that I took as I continued to walk those swollen tootsies around. I smiled when I peeled my shoes off and told John that I needed to give my feet a good old fashioned soaking. I smugly noted to anyone that would listen that I had worn out my shoes that weekend.

I still am processing the fact that I was able to physically and mentally be present for the wedding. I experienced it all, from beginning to end without having to excuse myself to go crash somewhere in a sweating quivering mess.

What a gift. What an amazing, extraordinary experience.

So I guess the question would be why -- what did I do, or how did I manage my energy, or by what means did I successfully cruise through this high energy week?

Hm. I think.........and I'm somewhat hesitant to say this.....but I think that my rituximab treatment had to have something to do with my increased energy levels. Over the past two weeks, I had noticed a gradual rise in my energy. I tried not to become too excited about it, and attempted to evaluate this in the most objective manner possible. I hated to say anything in fear that once the words, "I feel somewhat more energized lately!" were out of my mouth, my newfound and very enjoyable state would disappear in a disappointing poof.

Yes, I was tired after we waved good-bye to the happy couple as they boarded their cruise ship for the honeymoon. But I was able to shuttle guests to the airport and drive myself the three hours home. John and I both have taken a couple days to rest up after all of the hoopla.

But I didn't crash. I have to say that I didn't experience that dreaded cold-icy-clammy-skin-mindless feeling that accompanies an epic energy loss. Not once during the whole week.

Thank you, thank you......who or whatever was responsible for this. Was it the mousie drugs? Was it the result of all those prayers said for me? Was it the result of careful scheduling of rest periods?

Who knows. Probably each of those things contributed. But I have to say that I'm enormously grateful.

Ahhhh. Thank you.


sue said...

I'm glad everything turned out so well. Now you can relax. When is the next wedding?

ShEiLa said...

That is really great news... however it happened.