Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a Carnival

Waushara County Fair Tilt-A-Whirl found here. 

My friend Jennifer, author of the Understanding Invisible Illnesses blog, is starting her own blog carnival.

Not sure if you should plan to attend and buy cotton candy? And become barfy on the tilt-a-whirl ride?

It's not that kind of carnival, sorry. Actually, the end product of a blog carnival is this amazing compilation of blog posts from all around the internets. The person organizing the carnival, in this case Jennifer, puts out a call for posts that answer a specific question, or comment on a particular issue. She then writes a post in which she features links to the submitted posts. It's a great way to read other blogs and new information.

For her debut carnival, Jennifer is asking for posts that deal with these questions:

This year, I'd like to start UII Blog Carnivals, right here! For our first topic, I draw on a special event in my own life. My dad just had surgery for spinal stenosis, and by the time he awoke from this outpatient procedure, he already had significant relief in his legs & feet from the debilitating pain & cramps his compressed nerves caused. 
For the inaugural UII Blog Carnival, lets share posts about successful treatments/procedures that have helped make your life better! It's so easy to get mired in how incomplete our relief can feel, but success stories (great & small) do happen! 
Here's all the info & how to enter:
Send the following information to uii(dot)Jennyp(at)gmail(dot) by FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 2012: 
*Your name (nickname/pseudonym is fine)
*Name of your blog
*URL of the post to share. The post can be a new, written especially for this carnival, or an older pre-existing entry as long as it's on this (general) topic!
*Twitter handle (if applicable) 
And that's it! If you have questions or ideas for future topics, please let me know! Also, encourage your friends & blogger buddies to contribute, too!

I know that several of Reasonably Well's readers are also bloggers, so here's an opportunity to write for a new and different group of readers.

If you aren't a blogger, email your coping tips and success stories to me and I will incorporate them into a post, send them on,  and give you the credit.

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