Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bunny Plates and Julia Weirdness

This is what my life has become.

I'm in angst over whether my Easter bunny plates should line up over my stove like this:

Or this:

Here's the dilemma. If I arrange the plates so that only the center bunnies look at each other, I like that color arrangement best. BUT, the downside to this arrangement is that only two of the bunnies are looking at each other.

Only two? But....but....what about those other poor bunnies who only have the knife block or the toaster to look at? I would think the end bunnies would be lonesome if they didn't have another bunny to look at. I wonder if I should go out and buy some bunny stuffies to perch on either end of the plate bunnies so that the outward looking bunnies wouldn't have to look at torture implements like knives or a toaster.

Nah. Too much work. I think I'll just arrange the plate bunnies so that they look at each other in pairs.

Then again.....what if all the bunnies get tired of looking at each other? What if they don't get along with the bunny that they are doomed to gaze at for the entire Easter season, hm?

Maybe I should pair the bunnies one way for a few weeks, then switch them around for another few weeks so I don't find myself in the midst of a bunny argument leaving shards of porcelain all over the top of my stove.

I know.

I really, really need to get out more.


Unknown said...

It's not just you! Before even reading the text of this post, I thought, "The second version looks much friendlier with the bunnies looking at each other."

ShEiLa said...

I think you updated your profile photo... but when? Did I miss that yesterday. I was amazed that our glasses look alike. I just got new ones. Hmmmm. It took my youngest daughter awhile to like them... my hubby laughed because of the cheetah pattern on the sides... Oh well.

I love that you thought about your poor bunnies... I do the same sort of things.


FFW said...

I think that, after about a week, use some dry-erase markers to make it look like they had a major disagreement over who has to stare at the toaster.

At the end, right before Easter, you could use enough red to make one look like a homicidal zombie bunny.

You're welcome.

Gill from the other side of the Big Pond said...

Piccie 2 looks better balanced, a small model bunny in the centre looking outwards would be quite funkie. A Beatrix Potter rabit in a blue coat springs to mind. I remember a great mug decoration from years ago (I think it was by Dunoon Pottery), pink flamingos were all formally arranged around it looking at each other, except one pair who were looking at each other's partner. I always smiled at that picture.

Jenny P said...

Like SjogrensStyle, I instantly preferred option B. They look social & pleasant. Option A looks like everyone got up on the wrong side of the carrot patch and stepped on each other's cotton tails. And shame on you if you didn't consider the poor bunnies feelings!