Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can We Talk?

Well. Hello there.

Yes. It's me. Nice to see you again.  

I'm Pinky. You may recall that I was the star of this year's Christmas light spectacular. Yes, I do look a bit different without my santa hat perched rakishly on my head. But my fans are able to spot me from a mile away, no matter what attire I'm sporting.

Sigh. Fame does have it's price. It's exhausting. The autographs, the pictures....and speaking of pictures.

I'd like a quick word with y'all before Julia comes back. She's running around with that camera of hers again. She said something about taking pictures of the reflections in her windows, of all things. How weird is that? I wonder about her choice of subjects for her photographs.

What kind of a dopey picture is that? 

Taking pictures of a reflection? Why not just take a picture of the thing that is actually causing the reflection? Like this, for example?

This is much better, if you're into boring scenery like mountains and trees and stuff. 

OR --

Why not take a picture of a handsome, dignified, and attractive light-up flamingo that just happens to be conveniently living on the front porch? And wearing festive stuff like bunny ears? And displaying a stunning profile, I might add?

Little old me? Why, yes. I suppose I do meet all those criteria, come to mention it.

I don't think she appreciates me enough. I worry about her artistic judgment. Actually, I worry about a LOT of things with that woman. Like..

Oh, wait, here she comes. Ssshhhh.....No, no, Julia. I wasn't complaining. Not me. I love living on the front porch. Yes, I much prefer the porch to being stuffed in the basement with all those tacky Christmas lights. You're marvelous, dahlink. I mean it. Who loves you, babe? Pinky does, that's who! No, I love you MORE, girlfriend! Yes, yes I do!

Whew. Close one.

Um. Anyone out there with exquisite taste all forms of flamingo art that would truly appreciate someone like.....say.....moi?

Bring a pair of zip-tie scissors when you come.


Amy Junod said...

Pinky! You look mahvelous dahlink! Lulu just texted that she wants her ears back so she's coming with the zip-tie sheers. And yes, you know how to work the camera. That profile is to die for! Are you Jolieing?

ShEiLa said...

Thanks for making me chuckle this morning... I really needed it.

Today might be a bit better than yesterday... but I am not dealing well with pain. What do you do to manage your pain? I have been on Ibuprofen 800mg up to 3x a day... mostly 2x alternating Tylenol... and Excedrin.

My last visit to my Rheumy he changed up my meds using Voltaren. I got the mail order meds while I was in Indiana... so I am starting the new regimen today. I hope I can get some relief. Dealing with pain is so exhausting...and my hubby keeps saying... I hope we can cure you. I don't think that there is a cure sweetheart.


Gill from the other side of the Big Pond said...

Such a beautiful area, I'm jealous. But surely Pinky needs a pair of pink rabbit slippers to keep out the early morning chill.

Jenny P said...

I'm lovin' the ears. Somehow they seem completely natural, like all other flamingos are missing something! However, I am deathly afraid of the Easter Bunny...does Pinky do guard shifts while on the porch? Because if so I'll be sharpening my shears and headin Westward.

Amy Junod said...

Lulu has been trying to broker a trade of sorts. There are rumors that have made their way all the way down here.
Apparently there have been St. Patty's Day items purchased. Something about a leprechaun hat, green dye (assuming that's for the Bearded Dog Pub tap) and a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" tee. Lulu misses munching on those bunny ears.
Pinky has become quite the he-diva though. Geesh- the stuff that happens when you turn your back. (or crash!)