Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I felt just like this tortoise, found here. 

So after dragging myself around like a two-ton worn out shoe for the last week, suddenly last night at exactly seven pm, I noticed that.....well. By golly.

The two-ton weight just lifted. And the brain fog just drifted away.


You'd think that after all these years that I would know better than to be surprised by anything that happens in connection to Sjogren's but this unexpected turn of events left me quite surprised and giddy, actually.

I was so happy that I grabbed a pen and wrote out ALL of my son's wedding "save the date" cards.

Zoiks. Not that I'm ungrateful for the reprieve from bone-crushing mind-numbing fatigue, but really. I would have appreciated this zap of energy when I had a houseful of guests.

But I'm not complaining! REALLY, WHOEVER DECIDES THESE THINGS - I AM A HAPPY CAMPER, REALLY.......(please don't send me back to two-ton shoe land just because I'm kvetching.....)

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