Monday, January 2, 2012

Keep 'Em Coming

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When people comment on my blog, I receive email notifications, and I'm glad that I do. If I didn't, I would have missed comments added to posts that I had written from several months before.

This comment is in reference to my post Neurological Impact:

The symtoms of the article match my wife. She tested positive for SS-A, SS-B antibodies. Early symtoms 15 years before having the blood test were dry eyes and loss of smell. Two years ago she had the blood test after her hands would become numb at night. It is both hands and very regular in occurance. She also has a numb sensation in her face. It was having test by the neurologist that she had the blood test and positive SS-A and SS-B. Before the tests I thought she might have had a mini-stroke is why we went in. The Cat scan and then MRI of her brain and upper spinal cord were negative. She also has trouble sleeping that may or may not be related. ............She is 59 years af age and would be interested in hearing if others have these types of symptoms and what action and medical advice they have recieved.

This comment was in response to Gastrointestinal Effects of Sjogren's Syndrome:

I was doing some research on SS and constipation. My dad has Sjogrens and Has had all his teeth replaced. If you live in the US and have PPO or even HMO you better fight your butt off to get all your new teeth paid for under your plan. It is due to a medical condition and not cosmetic. It took my mother 4 years of battling until one day she happened to get the right person on a call with Insurance company and she says '" sure its covered." Can you imagine the that?! Be your own advocate please and YES your medical claim for teeth will get paid. Best of luck to everyone. I just had to post this since it was such an issue and would hate it for anyone to not have teeth, espcecially paying for health insurance.

Both interesting, and relevant. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and my readers!

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