Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Isn't Over Until The Last Leaf Falls

Yesterday I was reviewing my pictures from our vacation to the midwest. I was marveling at all the gorgeous fall colors and feeling a bit sentimental and wistful. As much as I love living in the Pacific northwest, I remember those brilliant fall leaves with such fondness. Sigh.


I looked out the window and noticed that......Boy howdy. The maples that John and I planted several years ago, and have been anxiously watering and pruning and fertilizing were actually pretty colorful this year.

I put down my coffee cup and stepped out onto our deck. Why hadn't I noticed this sooner? The entire back border of our yard was ablaze with oranges and reds!


Wow. Fall followed me home.


Leslie said...


sue said...

Our maples turned a beautiful red and our oaks were a bright yellow. Nothing like fall colours on a sunny day. Too bad they need raking. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous photos, mama!

Julia said...

Thanks, bunny! C'mon down and see them in person! Smooches.