Friday, November 11, 2011

He's Done It Again

Draw two more halos for the complete picture. Free clipart found here. 


I had another appointment with my new rheumatologist Dr. Young Guy yesterday. I walked into the exam room, wondering if my first favorable impression of him was too good to be true, since he earned a halo for that very thorough one hour getting-to-know Julia appointment.


This gentleman has just sprouted yet another halo with these words: I see you've lost a few pounds. That's great! But don't be losing weight too fast. Take it slow and easy, otherwise you'll just gain it back.



I almost swooned. I don't think any doctor has ever said that to me before. Instead, I'd hear not so subtle comments about how much better I would feel if I lost a significant amount of weight.

After I regained consciousness, we went on to discuss other more mundane things. Just as the exam was finishing up, I thought to ask Dr. YG a question. I knew that the holidays were fast approaching and I really wanted to have an occasional glass of wine or cocktail without feeling panicked that I would be wiping out my liver. So.....Dr......would it be OK? I asked.

Are you ready for this one?

He earned a third halo, believe it or not. I certainly can't tell you that it would be a good thing to drink alcohol while you're on methotrexate. BUT. Your liver enzymes are just fine, and I'm trusting you to limit yourself to a very occasional drink, right?

Yessss! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You can count on me! I'm the perfect patient!

Um....Don't tell him about BICJ, OK, guys?



Orb Weaver said... coworker wants to know if Dr. YG is single!

Julia Oleinik said...


Julia Oleinik said...

Dang. What was I thinking? Yup - he's MARRIED.