Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creatures of Comfort

Terese asked me yesterday if I was "among the living".

I had to think about that before answering.

Hm. Let's see: I believe I had a shower..... Yes, yes, I did. But I crawled back into bed after and slept until noon. Then I got up and had some lunch, let the schnauzers out to do their doggie things and back in, after which all three of us returned to bed for an afternoon nap. Which is not to be confused with the after supper snooze on the couch, also accompanied by said schnauzers. Who needs a comforter when one has Maggie and Lulu?

I told her that I believed that I had at least one foot among the living. The rest of me is still off in crash-land.

Sigh. So frustrating, isn't it?

I know that by pushing myself too soon, my payoff will only be lengthening the crash. But if I burrow under the covers indefinitely, my body will become accustomed to a total lack of activity, which makes getting back on my feet even more difficult.

So I find myself testing the energy waters with some trepidation. Today: still needed the morning till noon nap, BUT managed a short trip out for a few groceries. With Maggie and Lulu, of course. After which I plopped down on the couch and was immediately covered by schnauzers.

They're the best crash buddies EVER.


annie said...

I understand how you're feeling. I'm having a really bad week after having spent all day Monday cooking turkey and all the sides for Thanksgiving (Canadian), then spent Tuesday out at doctors'appointments, I haven't been able to get out of bed and function at all. It's so draining, and no one can understand how exhausted one can be.

I filled out your survey for WEGO, but I don't remember if I left a comment. Is it possible for you to set up an archives section, or a list by topic? I know you have a sidebar, but I think there are posts that I did not catch, especially your earlier ones, that also contain information. Thank you, and hope you're getting better.

Julia Oleinik said...

HI Annie - Thanks, I every day is better! I'll bet you know exactly how this feels.

I do have an archive button. It's waaaaaay down the left side of the blog, on the sidebar and simply says Archive. If you click the button it has all my posts arranged by month and year.

Organizing the posts by topic is a great idea. Also something that I need to check out. Thanks for the idea.

Julia Oleinik said...

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!!