Friday, October 14, 2011

Analyze This

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Y'all may recall that awhile back, I asked readers to participate in a survey sponsored by WEGO Health.

I've been reviewing the analysis, and I want to thank you all for your very generous comments! I received the results while I was on vacation on one of my resting days. It was a wonderful surprise. I was so touched. Thank you.

There were several suggestions for improvements to Reasonably Well, which I'll definitely take into consideration. Here's a few to which I can address straight away:

- Post more often. Well, since I try to post every day, I think that's the limit of my abilities at this point. If something really interesting catches my attention, I'll try to put it up. For those readers that have bookmarked Reasonably Well, the bookmark may direct you to an older post. If you click on the top of my page on the words "Reasonably Well", it will automatically refresh the page to the most recent post.

- How can I contact you directly? Wow. I had always intended to add a "contact me" widget, but until I read this comment, had forgotten all about it. I'll get on that right away.
Thanks for the reminder.

- What products do you use for your symptoms? Another great point. When I address this, I'll be looking for input from other sjoggies.

- More information about psoriatic arthritis. Absolutely. I tend to deal with problems that are at the forefront of my attention, and luckily for me, my PsA seems to be quiet for the moment. I'll be looking for opportunities to post more about this disease.

It's very difficult to put into words but I am so appreciative of those of you that take the time to read about my experiences: the good, bad, kooky, weird, crabby, happy......

Sniff. Sniff......Group hug, people.

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