Sunday, October 23, 2011


My son gave John quite the Father's day gift last June. Know what this is?

I didn't. Until my ecstatic husband informed me that it was a keg-erator.


Turns out that it's a device that cools, carbonates and dispenses beer just like the ones at our local pub. So now our Bearded Dog Pub (formerly known as our son's bedroom but now a billiard, foosball, dart, and tv room) has a local micro-brew on tap.

John and Greg love it. It will probably take several months for them to drink the stuff, but in the meantime, they have a new project, and these boys LOVE a project.

Aside from the enjoyment of quaffing a few beers served straight from the tap in a frosty mug, the guys find this thing quite entertaining. As in tinkering with, cleaning of, and otherwise fiddling with.

Tools. The guys need lots of tools..... 

And more importantly, The ongoing research involved in choosing the next.....barrel? Quarter barrel? Pony? Growler? What's the difference? I have no clue.

.....because they like to mess with stuff like this. 

I think it's great that our pub actually IS a pub. However, since I can't (thanks, methotrexate..) drink and actually don't like beer all that much, I was feeling bubble envy.

I love carbonation. I wanted carbonation, too, just not carbonated beer. So I found this gadget that is a great Julia addition to the pub:

It has an itty bitty Co2 tank attached, and carbonates plain filtered water. I like to make up a liter of fizzy water and add just a bit of organic fruit juice. Refreshing, yet not artificially sweetened and low in sugar. Mmmm.



Amy Junod said...

Love it! The Bearded Dog Pub!
I love your addition too. That's so cool.

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing is that I have been looking for one of my wrenches for weeks. After reading your post today, I see it is in the box with the kegerator supplies.


Julia Oleinik said...


Glad I could be of assistance, babe!

Lemon-Aid said...

I've never been a big beer fan but I know folks who are and they would LOVE to have this gadget in arm's reach :-)

Kelly said...

Watch out! At a charity event we were randomly seated next to a local anesthesiologist who put us to sleep not with any of the usual tools of his trade, but with an extended lecture on the joys of making your own beer at home as a hobby. Seems like it could be the next step: Bearded Dog micro-micro brewery and pub!