Monday, October 24, 2011

Twinkly Year Two

Do y'all remember last year's Light Fantastic show which was wired to, nailed on, glued to, and generally inflicted upon our house?

Wizzards of Winter - Christmas Lights from John Oleinik on Vimeo.

My son and John are busily planning the new and improved Light Fantastic over here. I know - seems early. But these gargantuan projects take time.

I was assured last year that Next year will be so easy because we'll have all this stuff assembled already!

Uh huh. I was skeptical. Because these guys can't leave anything alone. And I was right -- the measuring and planning and ordering is in full swing.

Did YOU know that someone invented a teensy led light bulb that has it's own tiny computer chip and has the capability to turn a zillion colors because it would be connected to a computer? Independently of the other teensy light bulbs that are next to it on a whole long string of them?

I did not know that. But it appears we're going to be owning several strings of these lights, and they are this year's addition.

This is going to be very entertaining. Stay tuned.

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Jenny P said...

I was thinking about the light show recently and wondering (i.e. waiting with baited breath for) when this year's would begin! Can't wait!!