Saturday, August 20, 2011

Study Links Stroke to Processed Meat Intake

Image of wienermobile found here.  

I read with interest the results of this study posted on Medscape Medical News yesterday:
August 19, 2011 — The largest study to date on the relationship of stroke to red meat consumption suggests higher intake of processed meat, but not fresh red meat, is associated with an increased risk for stroke, including cerebral infarction.....The findings suggest meats that consumers often think are healthier, such as low-fat deli turkey, ham, and bologna, may actually increase the risk for stroke if intake is high enough, the study authors note. 
Interesting. And to think that as a kid, my siblings and I would complain about the home grown foods gracing our family's dinner table.

What? Roast beef (Grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free black angus, raised by Dad on our farm and neatly packaged in white paper parcels by our local butcher) and potatoes (grown without pesticides in Mom's garden behind the tool shed) again?? Aw, gee...

Hot dogs were a rarity at our house. As was bologna or ham loaf that came out of those square yellow and clear plastic containers hanging enticingly in the grocery's deli section. All the other kids get to eat bologna. And on Wonderbread, too, not homemade bread! (made from scratch by Mom twice a week). Grumble grumble grumble.

Do we hafta eat this chicken? (free range, antibiotic and hormone free, and butchered by Mom plus whatever kid she could intimidate into helping) But my friends are going to McDonalds!!

It was abuse, I tell ya. What were my parents thinking?


Anonymous said...

I'm actually thinking a lot about food. I think it would be a major element of our health on the long run.

annie said...

Kids don't know any better, but as an adult you could look back and see how fortunate you were to have eaten so well. You have great parents,Julia.

ShEiLa said...

Food has been in our conversations a whole lot at our home lately... we are now buying free range chicken eggs... and trying to find the free range chickens... however if we eat up all the chickens... we won't have any eggs. The way we eat in America doesn't scream brilliance... but laziness.

Oh to live back in the day... only I want to keep the modern conveniences of washer/dryer and refrigerator.