Thursday, July 14, 2011

Piano Addendum

(Singing) Me aaaand my piaaaaaaannnooooooo...(to the tune of Me And My Shadow) 

I have to make an addition/correction to my piano saga story.

Today, John reminded me that the story actually continues from where I left off......

So I left the story when the piano was residing in the middle story of a tri-story house, having been rolled around the house on boards and brought back inside via the back door. It waited there, quietly......biding it's time....until yet another two years passed and Mom decided that she wanted the piano moved DOWN ANOTHER FLIGHT OF STAIRS to the real basement. This time, there was no avoiding the whole FLIGHT OF STAIRS. Oh, and did I mention that this behemoth didn't fit on any standard piano dollies?

So that means John moved the behemoth,, two, three, four, five......SIX times. Three of which were after the piano wasn't even ours anymore.

John says that the only way that piano is getting re-located again will be in pieces from the benefit of the use of a cutting torch and an axe.

Such a violent man.


Sunset in Paradise said...

You write a great story! When I think of all the moves I have made, none compares to your piano story.

Karen said...

That is a picture of the Julia I know and love and remember that age!

Julia Oleinik said...

What, Karen? You think this picture of me doesn't look like the 2011 me??

virginia said...

Very funny story, reminds me of our family piano (1946) being moved three times and the last time it was being moved from the basement up to the livingroom, got stuck on the stairs and could not be moved an inch any way, so my uncles chopped it up and it became firewood. Not everyone in the family was happy !!!