Friday, July 15, 2011

All Sorts of Interesting Stuff

I've been meaning to put a post up with some interesting links that have been sent along to me.

This from the WEGO health site: has a new Joint Pain Channel with videos of Health Activists sharing advice, information and wisdom gathered from living with joint pain.
You won’t want to miss the inspiring videos about staying active with joint pain, making the decision to have a joint replaced, and living life to the fullest with joint pain – I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the Health Activist Video Stars!
To start watching the new Joint Pain Channel on, visit:
If you would like to make a video of your own - the topic does not have to be joint pain, it can be any health related topic that you want such as Sjogren's syndrome - or participate in one, just drop me an email at, and we'll talk about it.

Dianne sent me the link to this article/slideshow from Health.Com. The title is 12 Nice Things You Can Do for Someone in Pain. You can watch it here. There's some really good suggestions there. Can you think of any that you would have recommended that weren't included?

When Arthritis Today posted it's most recent article about Sjogren's syndrome entitled Sjogren's Syndrome: Treating Your Symptoms, it redeemed itself, in my opinion. A previous article was sorely lacking in accurate and complete information, BUT this one is much more comprehensive and accurate. You can read it here.

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