Saturday, July 30, 2011

Keep Your Apples Inside


San Francisco is a much different..........everything, compared to Portland. Not better, not worse. Just different.

We've been zipping all over this area looking for apartments for daughter number one. She's fortunate that she has a budget that allows her to look almost anywhere. But then that means we have to look everywhere!

Makes me sentimental for the days that John and I lived in apartment in Minneapolis. We moved there as newlyweds waaayyyy back in 1980 and rented in a apartment complex located in a lush, parklike setting.

Very parklike. Complete with critters.

So I had acquired a bushel of apples from somewhere, and had it packaged in a great cardboard box which was lined with styrofoam to keep the apples insulated and cool. It was early fall, so I put the box of apples out on our third story balcony. Nothing could happen to them there, I figured.

The very next evening, I popped open the box to grab an apple and......good grief in a bucket. Every single apple was GONE.

When I picked up the large cardboard box in astonishment, I noticed a perfectly apple-shaped hole in one side.

What the heck?

John and I sat on our patio chairs and mulled things over. As we talked, I noticed a very fat raccoon climbing up the wood pillars to a balcony one building over. We shouted with laughter and realized we were probably watching the culprit.

Raccoons wear masks because they ARE BANDITS.

I think that a raccoon spent one very busy day and night hauling his chubby little butt up and down our wooden balcony supports (up three stories, mind) carrying one apple at a time and squirreling them away somewhere.

John thought that perhaps the raccoons had organized a raccoon water-brigade style maneuver - one guy was stationed on the balcony and then handed the apples down the line to other thieves positioned all the way down the pillar.

I would have liked to seen that.

I wonder what kind of critters Daughter will have hanging around her apartment by the ocean?

Raccoon image found on the National Geographic website.


Anonymous said...

Hehe! Cute story! Don't you just love nature?

sue said...

If your daughter is by the ocean, maybe she can see some california grey whales spouting. That would be really exciting. We just got back from vacation and we could watch whales in the St Lawrence river from the beach.

Kelly said...

Make sure you hit the ferry building and get some of the best sourdough in the world from the Acme Bread store in there if you're a fan of crusty sourdough. Then you're not far from Tadich Grill, the oldest continuously operating S.F. restaurant at 240 California Street. Not open Sundays and no reservations. Be there no later than 11:30 for lunch and enjoy great food and waiters with attitude. San Francisco was my favorite city until my son moved to Seattle. Now they are neck and neck.