Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daughter #1 takes over!

I am sooooooo tired today, but for a very good reason. 
John, Daughter number one and I have been in relentless pursuit of the ultimate, perfect, affordable, and delightful apartment. 
However, we all know the magic Julia equation, right? 
Tired = STUPID. Which means that I'm so done writing. 
I have coerced Daughter number one to finish this post, with the agreement that whatever she decides to write will appear unedited on Reasonably Well. So.......heeeeeeeeere's Daughter:

~ Reasonably Well - Daughter Numero Uno Edition ~

Hello vast internet viewers! There I was, laying on my belly across the hotel bed, browsing the eclectic collection of channels on TV, debating whether or not to brave the pre-adult-swim hot tub crowd, and mummsy drops her laptop in my lap and demands a post! Good grief this woman owes me big... well... seeing that she birthed me and all I suppose we can call it a draw...

Even though I threatened mom with a post about her musical bowel movements, I think I'll stay true to the main focus of this blog and give my thoughts on living with someone you love who has Sjogren's.

I really appreciate mum and dad coming down and helping me out. I especially appreciate mom's efforts, knowing how much it energy it zaps from her.

I just want to say that my mother is one of the strongest women I know. Seeing her struggle with her lack of energy absolutely breaks my heart, but seeing her come to terms with and regain control of her life to live Reasonably Well is inspiring. Mom has addressed her Sjogren's with the stubborn "oh yeah? just watch me do this!"-attitude of the midwest farmer's daughter she is :)

And I just wanted to thank the readers of this blog for the love and support you have given her. This blog has easily been more therapeutic to mom than many of her various pills. (And holy smokes, her super-power of taking down that pile in the morning with one sip of liquid is incredible! I've been trying to get her to audition for America's Got Talent with that act! I'll be her show-girl!)

But at the end of the day, even when we have great days together where she is full of energy... one dark thought sometimes enters my mind...

Will I get Sjogren's someday?

There's no way to know, there are too many factors, I guess at the end of the day all I can do be ready to address whatever life throws at me, and to live Reasonably Well :)

And with that... and since I got the green light to post whatever I wanted... I present to you, in my humble opinion, the cutest animals on the planet, and my new San Fran neighbors:


These ork-orks found here

This ork-ork found here

These ork orks found on Pier 39
Image found here


Jenny P said...

Omg Daughter #1 you sound SO much like your mother in your writing! She has a particular voice but it seems you've developed a similar one! I suppose if you've gotten that from her, you've probably also gotten her strength (from the stories she tells, it sounds like all her children have).

And, her sense of humor..."ork ork" is now my expression of the day (or week...maybe the month...):) I loved meeting Julia and often try to coerce her into a reunion - I'll have to meet the rest of y'all too!!

Blogger Mama said...

Wow, I agree with Jenny. Seems the apple may not have fallen far from the tree! :o) And I mean that in the sweetest bestest way!

annie said...

Daughter Numero Uno,

I had a grin on my face while reading your post, the same grin I get when reading anything your mother posts.....I see you share the same quirky humor!

I don't know Julia personally, but I've been reading her blog for some time now and she has helped me tremendously with my sjogren's questions, even more than my doctors have. I admire her for her strength in adversity and for turning difficulty into humor. You make a great family.

I read food blogs, and I'm sure you will love SanFran, as the city has so many good restaurants, farmers' markets,etc. So nice to meet you #1!

Kelly said...

Well done, daughter numero uno and welcome to California. Your Mummsy is an inspiration...and a crack-up, both at the same time. You seem to have inherited that same awesome combination and therefore are well-prepared for...anything! Enjoy your new life in the City by the Bay!

Terese said...

Wow, I blubbering like a baby reading your post. Great job, great ladies.

Amy Junod said...

Oh...Mummsy's gonna ork ork when she comes to and reads how you didn't post about her musical loo trips.

This was a fun post. Love your Mom's blog. Her BICJ (Bratty Inner Child Julia) speaks for us all with SS.

Best of luck in your new home. It's a great city! I think your Mom will find a good Rent-a-Goldie to see you often.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet wonderful post!

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks for the observations, everyone. Yup, she's a keeper kid, as are all three of my children.

I'm so blessed.